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Educational School trips are defined as any travel away from the school site. It is school policy that part of the educational process is for children to experience planned visits to places of interest. These will usually have direct relevance to the topic being studied. Additionally, the experience of live theatre, dance or music is crucial to the all-round development of each child and so whenever possible this is arranged through visiting companies.

While many trips are linked with a particular subject or topic, others are related to the broader personal developmental aims of the school - providing opportunities for students to stretch and challenge themselves outside of the classroom. These trips are often the highlight of a school year.

International trips are planned, and parents informed, at least 3 months in advance. Residential trips are planned, and parents informed, at least 1 month in advance, and day trips have at least two weeks' notice. School trips will not be approved during the first three weeks of school or the last four weeks of the school year.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, there will be a ratio of at least one teacher to ten students (or part of ten) on all trips, and all residential trips are accompanied by at least two teachers, with at least one male and one female for mixed gender trips.
When a school trip is being arranged, parents will be sent notification and information about the trip. Any parents with a concern about the school trip should contact the Activity Coordinator.

Teachers at MIS also arrange other activities involving travel, including sports events, visits of educational interest and weekend camping trips. On these trips, teachers and matrons assume parental responsibility and have a delegated authority from the Head of Department to take whatever actions they deem appropriate.


Student Responsibilities on School Trips

  • Students are reminded that a school trip is an extension of the school day and all policies and rules apply;
  • Students are required to wear their uniform unless given permission not to do so by the Trip responsible;
  • During free time students must be in groups of two or more;
  • During overnight trips no male student may ever enter a female student's room and no female student may ever enter a male student's room;
  • The curfew will be set by the trip sponsor and will not be open to negotiation;
  • Students must be in their rooms at curfew and no students will be allowed to leave their room after curfew.

Students must sign and return to the trip responsible the School Trip Permission Form signed by their parent or guardian or they will not be allowed to participate in the trip

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