Homework can consist of assignments, short and long term projects and preparatory work, study, review or presentations. All students are encouraged to read English materials each night. This will enhance proficiency of the language. Parents are encouraged to develop consistent habits at home that encourage love of reading.

Parents can assist their child by providing a comfortable work environment that is distraction free. Parents can also monitor how much time their child is watching television and playing electronic games in order to develop a respect for learning and self-improvement. At all times, parents should be encouraged to take responsibility for setting aside quality time for homework, reading and other educational activities.

We give homework on regular basis for each subject to ensure progressive academic development, these can be found in the students’ Channel Book. If the student is absent, we provide the “Homework Absence Sheet” to enable all students to catch up on missed work.


Aims and objectives of homework:

  • To help children develop skills of an independent learner;
  • To promote cooperation between home and school;
  • To enable all aspects of the curriculum to be enhanced;
  • To consolidate and reinforce learning;
  • To allow children to practice skills taught in lessons;
  • To develop organizational and study habits;
  • To prepare children for the demands of further education.

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