At Manchester International School we aim to promote an environment which encourages the values of mutual trust and respect. We have high expectations of good behaviour in the school. We believe all children are entitled to learn in a caring and safe environment where they are treated fairly and equally. We want children to develop as confident individuals with a positive self-image and an understanding of their role and responsibilities within the school and (greater) community.

The aims of this policy are to:

* Encourage good behaviour

* Provide a framework for staff and pupils which aims to achieve consistency in practice and expectations.

* Provide guidelines for behaviour that foster good relationships between staff and pupils.


The principles underlying this policy are based on respect:

* Respect for each other

* Respect for learning

* Respect for the environment

* Respect for ourselves


Good relationships should be actively pursued and encouraged throughout the school. We aim for co-operation rather than conflict.  We believe that the management of behaviour is a collective responsibility.  It is the responsibility of all staff to deal with unacceptable behaviour.  Poor behaviour should never be ignored.


*Be Respectful

*Be Responsible

*Be Safe



Pupils are expected to:

  • follow the school rules.
  • conduct themselves around the building in a safe, sensible manner and show regard to others
  • arrive on time to lessons
  • bring equipment appropriate for the lesson
  • follow instructions given by the teacher
  • behave in a reasonable and polite manner to all staff and pupils
  • show respect for the opinions and beliefs of others
  • complete all class work in the manner required
  • hand in homework at the time requested
  • show respect for the working environment




Staff are expected to:

*arrive on time to their lessons

*create a swift and purposeful start to the lesson

*reinforce clear expectations of behaviour

*deliver a suitably planned and structured lesson which meets all individual needs

*deal with incidents of inappropriate behaviour by following the school’s procedures

*promote and reinforce positive behaviour in the classroom


Parents and guardians are expected to:

*work in partnership with staff to ensure good behaviour

*inform staff of any concerns

*respond to concerns raised by members of staff

*ensure pupils come to school in full school uniform, correctly equipped and prepared to work



It is important that achievement, effort and good behaviour are rewarded.  Teachers give lots of praise and encouragement and rewards:


F.S. & Years 1, 2 & 3                                                                                                      

 * Classroom Dojo points                         

 * Stars, stickers, certificates                

 * Star of the Week

 * Special roles/ responsibilities

 * Golden Time

Years 4, 5 6, & 7

* Positive verbal feedback
* Written comments in the copybooks
* Class Dojo certificates
* Star student of the week
* Certificate of achievement and recognition certificates
* Comments in the follow-up slip for the parents regarding the students’ progress and achievement
* Activity/Adventure trip for students in Year 6 after completing their Cambridge Checkpoint exams

Years 8, 9 & 10

* Certificates)

 * Medals)                  of Appreciation/Achievements/Honour

* Trophies)

* Educational Gifts (books, pens etc.)

Staff will continually reinforce good behaviour through PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) lessons, assemblies, circle time and morning line.  “Golden Rules” appropriate to each class/year group will be displayed in each classroom and discussed regularly with students. Heads may phone or email parents to congratulate students on good or improved behaviour.




Children arriving late at school are not allowed to enter the classroom during the first session and must wait until the end of that session.  No children arriving after 8.30am will be allowed into school and will be sent home.

Minor Incidents

These incidents are dealt with by the classroom teacher and include, for example:  throwing paper; calling out; distracting others; speaking in Arabic; not wearing school uniform: chewing; not following instructions; incomplete class work; no or incomplete homework.

 Sanctions include:

* verbal reprimand

* moving seat

* missing break time...given additional work or complete class or homework


Persistent incidents, or incidents of medium severity

* persistency of minor incidents as above

* rudeness to staff

* verbally aggressive behaviour to another pupil

* being continually off-task.

 Sanctions include:

* meeting with pupil

* reported to Head, contact with parents

* missing break times... given additional work or complete class or homework

*daily behaviour logs (by all teachers)

* referral by Head to counsellor



Serious Incidents

Serious incidents are dealt with by the Head and/ or the Senior Management Team, and include:

* persistency of above

* truancy from school & lessons

* extreme rudeness to staff

* aggressive behaviour

* refusal to comply with other sanctions

* theft

* bullying

* fighting

* damage to or destruction of property

* plagiarism




 Sanctions include:

* reported to Head

* meeting with parents/guardians

* after school/Saturday detention 

* written warning,  followed by; a)1 day suspension b)3 days suspension c)permanent exclusion. Dependent upon the nature and severity of the incident, MIS has the right to permanently exclude any student without first following the above guidelines.


Very Serious Incidents

These incidents are dealt with by the Head and Senior Management Team. They include:

* persistency of the above

* extreme rudeness

* serious incidents of bullying

* sexual contact

* racial/sexual harassment

* serious incidents of fighting

* smoking

* bringing an offensive weapon to school (laser pens, knives, pellet guns, fireworks, this list is not     exhaustive)

* involvement with drugs or alcohol

* physical aggression to a member of staff will be treated with the utmost severity

Sanctions include:

* drug testing may be carried out, upon suspicion, and parents informed.

 * internal exclusion

* fixed suspension for up to 15 days/permanent exclusion

* police involvement

General Procedures

We do not subscribe to any form of physical punishment.  Any member of staff who invokes this type of punishment will themselves become the subject of disciplinary action. We restrain children only if they are a danger to themselves or others.

Incidents will be dealt with calmly, taking the child aside and trying to reason with them instead of shouting and accusing. If children from another class are involved, the matter must be discussed with the class teacher.

Discipline should not involve humiliation for the child, e.g. sending to a lower class, or shouting, which may cause loss of face.  If they are to miss break time, the teacher must stay with them.  Children must NEVER be left unsupervised, e.g. not sent to stand in the corridor or left outside the staffroom. Parents are kept informed of consistently poor behaviour and their support at home enlisted.  Serious breaches of discipline are reported to the Head.


March 2016

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