Admissions Policy


The Directors shall maintain a fair and transparent admissions system and shall accept candidates who can benefit from and contribute to our mission and the school’s standards-bases of a university and college preparatory curriculum delivered in the English language. Furthermore, the Directors shall ensure that the rights of current students take precedence over those of candidates.

The Director should define the academic, physical, emotional, social and behavioural criteria candidates must meet for acceptance into the school. In particular, the Head of Department shall only admit candidates if sufficient space and resources are available to meet their academic, physical, emotional, social and behavioural needs.

The Directors have the absolute right to refuse admission to any candidate and ensure that each candidate is considered fairly. When necessary, his or her needs must be assessed in the context of both the candidate’s ability to progress within the standard curriculum and the support services available within the school’s approved budget and the candidate’s year level.

It is not the policy of MIS to place students in year levels above or below their ability. Any exceptions are made by the Head of Department.

Basic Admissions Principles

1. MIS upholds a non-discriminatory policy and accepts applications from eligible students from: Pre-School, Primary through Secondary levels, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, economic or social background.

2. MIS admits, according to available resources, students whose learning needs can be effectively supported by the school.

3. MIS gives admissions priority to:

a) Siblings of enrolled students based on the admissions considerations and at the discretion of the Directors;

b) Children of MIS teachers or other members of its staff.

c) Children of Egyptian diplomats returning to Egypt as per EMOE.


Admissions Criteria

1. Early Years (FS1-FS2):
Candidates will be required to pass an interactive test in a group setting that will examine their attention distribution, personality, interaction skills and some basic numeracy and speaking abilities.

2. Primary and Secondary:
Candidates will be given entrance exams in English & Maths to determine whether their level in these subjects fits with the year they are applying for.

3. Arab Students Transferring from Outside of Egypt:
Candidates will have additional assessments in Arabic, Religion & Social Studies as required by the EMOE. These tests are a legal requirement and the results do not have any influence over the outcome of the application.

Academic School Year Age Ranges

The age that the candidate will be on 1st October will indicate the year they will join as per the Egyptian Ministry of Education (EMOE). Please note this is beyond the control of the school and is set by the EMOE.

Age on 1st of  October


3Y 6M+

Foundation Stage 1

4Y 6M+

Foundation Stage

5Y 6M+

Year 1

6Y 6M+

Year 2

7Y 6M+

Year 3

8Y 6M+

Year 4

9Y 6M+

Year 5

10Y 6M+

Year 6

11Y 6M+

Year 7

12Y 6M+

Year 8

13Y 6M+

Year 9

14Y 6M+

Year 10

15Y 6M+

Year 11

16Y 6M+

Year 12


Terms and Conditions

  1. MIS Admissions will be determined by the Directors, with the advice of the academic staff, based on information obtained with respect to:

  • The potential of the candidate to benefit from the educational program available.
  • The capacity of the school to meet the educational needs of the candidate.
  • The availability of places.
  1. Initial Year placement is determined on the basis of age and ability of the candidate. The decision of MIS in Year placement will be communicated to parents/guardians prior to acceptance. MIS continually assesses the progression and re-evaluates the development of the candidate and reserves the right to reconsider the year placement in exceptional situations as described as follows:

  • Promotion from one Year to another.
  • Retention in a particular Year.
  • Continued enrolment at MIS will be based on academic, personal, behavioural and social/emotional aspects of a candidate’s school record.
  1. MIS reserves the right to deny admission or dismiss a candidate if:

  • The candidate’s best interests and needs cannot be met effectively by the school’s programmes and services.
  • The candidate’s behaviour is deemed to jeopardise the welfare of the school community.
  • Educationally significant information is withheld from the school.
  • School fees are not paid in accordance with financial regulations.
  1. Admission may be postponed if a year level reaches the number of 20 students. In this case, the applicant is placed on a waiting list. Qualified candidates are then accepted in order of the date of application, subject to the above conditions.

  2. Parents must pay the registration fee promptly and all the necessary fees on time; failure to do so will result in the student losing their place at MIS.

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