Q: Which system?

  • MIS provides British education using a combination of Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) and the National UK Curriculum of England.

Q: Who are you accredited by?

  • We hold accreditation from Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) & Pearson Edexcel International in conjunction with the British Council.
    We are also an official host of Cambridge Professional Development Training.

Q: What are your class sizes?

  • From FS1 to FS2, classes have a maximum of 20 students.
  • From Year 1 to 12, classes have a maximum of 23 students.

Q: What nationalities are your teachers?

  • Main/Core teachers are native speakers, usually British, American or Australian, Co-teachers are Egyptian. This may vary from time to time based upon staffing.

Q: What are the assessments?

  • Candidates for FS1 to FS2 will be assessed in a group situation to observe their interaction and behaviour skills with basic English. Please note as it is a group assessment punctual attendance is crucial to avoid cancellation.
  • Candidates for Years 1-12 will be assessed in Maths & English.
  • If the candidate is of Arab nationality and returning from outside of Egypt they will also be assessed in Arabic, Religion and Social Studies as a requirement from the EMOE. These 3 subjects have no influence over the application.

Q: Can you tell me the contents of the exams?

  • MIS maintains a transparent and fair admissions process, so therefore the exam contents are confidential to prevent unfair advantages.

Q: Can you tell me the exact score my child achieved?

  • You will be informed of 3 outcomes either: Pass, Retake or Fail.

Q: Can you make an exception?

  • MIS has a strong policy with clear rules in order to provide an equal and fair admission process, it not possible to make exceptions to this.

Q: Why does my child have to repeat a year in Egypt when you are a British School?

  • Candidates coming from outside of Egypt often find they must repeat a year, this is due to that even though we are
    a British school, we must obey the rules of the EMOE who sets the age range for each year based upon the
    candidate’s exact date of birth on the 1st of October.

  • In certain circumstances it may be possible to obtain an exemption from the EMOE, however this must be obtained prior to application, otherwise the application will be processed as per the candidates date of birth. We will not reserve places.
  • Please note we are legally required to register each student with an Egyptian Birth Certificate/Foreign Passport at the ministry.

Q: Why can’t I complete an application today?

  • MIS operates on a first come, first served basis, no application will be held for longer than 2 weeks to ensure continuity in our admissions process. Please contact us to check availability no more than 2 weeks before your child being available in Egypt to take their exams.

Q: Do you offer online assessments?

  • All candidates must attend the school in person as observations of the candidates behaviour is also a crucial part of our assessment process. This also prevents the exams being taken by someone else.

Q: What is the last point to change education system?

  • Year 10

Q: Do you give sibling discounts?

  • Currently there is no discount for multiple students.

Q: How many installments?

  • 10% within 3 business days of acceptance.
  • 40% by June (if you are accepted after June 1st this will be 50%)

  • 25% by November

  • 25% in January for Y9-12 and February for FS1-Y8

Q: How much is the uniform?

  • Uniform is available for sale from the school shop during school hours, it will open for purchase of items for the next academic year during the summer holiday. Prices will depend upon chosen options and your child’s size.

Q: How much are the books?

  • Books are usually ordered during the 3rd term, when they will be purchased in bulk from the UK based upon student numbers. Then, exchange rates, shipping and import taxes are added and prices set as soon as possible.
    There are currently no book fees for  FS1 to FS2  and Years 10 to 12  (2017/2018)

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