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From our students very first day at MIS, we ensure they take full advantage of the rich and exciting opportunities
we offer through our modern international curriculum and facilities.

We aim to ensure that every individual is inspired and equipped to achieve their very best,
and receives the care, guidance and support they need to both enjoy their learning experience.
We actively motivate our students to be enthusiastic, resilient, collaborative
and empowered individuals who strive for excellence.

We have a committed professional team who are passionate and dedicated to
providing our students with life enriching skills, knowledge and exciting experiences.
It is our shared responsibility to ensure their education at MIS instils a strong foundation
in preparation for their next steps in their academic choices and career paths.

We do today for tomorrow...


“Let us pick up our books and our pens, They are our most powerful weapons.
One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.”
Malala Yousafzai

Latest News

  • Y9-12 Dahab Residential 2019 Feb 01, 2019
    Students from Y9-12 went on a 4-day residential trip to Dahab this month. Their visit began with a beautiful Bedouin…
  • Y5-8 Science Fair 2019 Feb 01, 2019
    Y5-8 Science Fair was on Monday 28th January. Students demonstrated their experiments and projects to their peers and science faculty.…
  • Y1-4 Science Fair 2019 Jan 30, 2019
    Y1-4 Science Fair was on Sunday 27th January. Each class prepared and skilfully showcased experiments in line with their current…
  • FS2C- Science Fair Jan 30, 2019
    Students over in FS2C have also been enjoying Science Fair too. They have been learning all about measuring liquids and…

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