It is no secret that the past actions of humankind have had an unhealthy effect on the earth’s ecosystem and the world in which we live. With this in mind, we are actively incorporating new ways of both educating our students to be eco-friendly citizens and through our actions as a school.

As a school we know we cannot completely remove our use of single-use products, however
through smart eco-friendly choices, we can use eco-friendly alternatives, reuse where possible and
recycle our waste.

We ask parents and students to support our initiatives by reducing the amount of plastic sent into the school, such as single-use plastic cutlery, non-reusable water bottles and especially the use of plastic bags.

Going forward for 2021/2022 we remain steadfast and dedicated to continuing all of our environmental standards & goals. Take a look below at what we have achieved so far.

This can reduce our environmental impact as a school on our local community, country and the world as a whole.

Last year in 2020/2021, in line with our digital shift we reduced the amount of paper we use, by
shifting to online platforms/email etc. to communicate directly with parents wherever possible. This
saw the removal of paper-based channel books.

We also installed segregated recycling bins across our campus for paper, plastic and non-recyclable rubbish. Our eco-friendly initiative also crossed over into our community charity work
when we support the Egyptian Clothing Bank by donating unwanted items of clothing meeting the
re-use, repair and recycle goals.

In 2019/2020 we took steps towards becoming a “Plastic Clever School”. Plastic Clever Schools is an empowering student initiative by Kids Against Plastics from the UK.  Becoming a Plastic Clever School requires our school to take the appropriate action needed to reduce our use of single-use throw-away plastic products, including the BIG 4 plastic polluters (cups + lids, straws, bottles and bags), plus cutlery and crockery.

Students are also passionately involved in our social project ‘Save The Turtles’ as we need to make a larger impact outside of the walls of our school by undertaking social action through education in regards to the amount of plastics ending up in our seas both as a country and globally.

This plastic is having a devastating and sometimes irreversible effect on our wildlife and their natural habitats. So for our campaign, our students have chosen a creature that resides in Egyptian waters which is, unfortunately, paying the price for our throw-away society and that is our turtle population which is under threat from the amount of plastics in our seas.

In 2018/2019 we looked at the effects of water misuse and how we can use it more effectively at both school, and home in our day to day routines.