Message from Mr Adam El-Sheikh – School Director

I take great delight in sharing our 8th annum with you and your child.

My responsibilities encompass ensuring our school provides a thorough, consistent and quality education to all our students. I oversee and manage
the daily school affairs and presentation of our curriculum in line with the strict requirements of the British Council, Cambridge (CAIE) and Pearson
Edexcel to ensure we are continuous and precise in educational delivery. I also lead the academic Senior Management Team (SMT) of the Department
Heads to guarantee we operate as a school consistently in education. My interests lay in enabling our workforce to have the professional proficiencies, knowledge, equipment, facilities, and access to the best teaching methods to provide a consistent balanced and modern international education to all our students.

I cannot start this academic year without mentioning the past two academic years, during which especially education has faced and endured extraordinary challenges under unprecedented conditions.

Last year especially was the hardest year, not just for the ongoing restrictions but the continued effect of unknown longevity taking its toll on everyone’s wellbeing. However, our hardest year turned into our best and most successful year so far despite the circumstances. Our students triumphed across the school obtaining outstanding and all-time highs in their international examinations for both Cambridge Checkpoints in Y6 & Y8 and their IGCSEs across Y9-12.

I am also proud without a doubt to say as a whole we adapted and confronted the revolving situations head-on. New strategies were as a team devised, debated, delivered, and refined regardless of the instability of the pandemic. New processes, methods of delivery and skill training were taken
on with a true sense of comradery & commitment, for every situation, a solution was found enabling us to ensure we were and continue to be ready to provide education regardless of the situation and ensure everyone is included.

It must be said that such circumstances have truly brought to light the passion and dedication of each member of our staff, which must be commended for their resolve far beyond the expectations of any job role. They have highlighted a true level of care towards our students going much further than the bounds of textbooks.

We are moving forward into 2021/2022, with an optimistic outlook, ready for the new normal and any other challenges along the way for good measure.

Whilst we are poised for any instability, whilst it is deemed safe and under legal allowances, we aim to return to on-campus learning, which is the best place for conducive learning. However, digitalisation is an important part of today’s society, and all platforms will still be maintained and
used for communication and to facilitate any instant requirement at any point during the year to transition to eLearning.

Our school-wide environmental awareness and eco-friendly consciousness are now ingrained aspects of daily school life and awareness programs will continue to sustain our aim as a school to reduce our footprint, help the environment and encourage our students & staff to be
environmentally conscious.

I personally look forward to your ongoing support and constructive feedback as the year matures during our collaboration on your child’s education whilst at MIS.

Best Regards
Mr. Adam El-Sheikh