I would like to start by offering a very warm welcome to all students in Years 1-8.

It is a privilege to be able to work with students during such a critical stage in their academic journeys, where they will become more aware of themselves and the world around them. It is at this stage that we strive to develop the strength and dedication required for students to perform to
the best of their ability, whilst simultaneously encouraging students to curate a lifelong love of learning.

It is the department’s aim to encourage the growth of each and every child during this stage, both academically and emotionally. My professional team of dedicated teachers and support staff work tirelessly to nurture students with ongoing emotional and academic support, encouraging students
to consistently aim for academic success, whilst understanding the importance of being actively involved and responsible for their own learning experiences. This will prepare our students for the next stages in their academic journeys, which will be their direct transfer onto the Cambridge
Upper Secondary Curriculum (facilitated by our IGCSE Department for the achievement of IGCSE qualifications).

Furthermore, we will endeavour to generate excitement and curiosity for learning in a fun, happy and positive environment. Department events such as International Day allow students to think creatively and develop a curiosity about the world around them, whilst encouraging an active
learning atmosphere where our students and staff work together respecting one another’s opinions and listening to each other’s perspectives.

During their time with us, students will learn the significance of values such as honesty, respect, cooperation, responsibility and collaboration, attributes that we believe will enable our students to thrive as well-rounded individuals both during their academic careers and in the outside world.

As a department, we believe that communication between the school and parents is a vital part of
providing our students with the needed support as they embark on international education. We will continue to work closely with parents throughout the academic year, through regular contact highlighting students’ achievements, goals and recommended solutions for any arising
issues. Furthermore, we invite parents to communicate with us as much as possible, especially through the online platform or through the scheduled Parent-Teacher Meetings.

I feel a great sense of pride and excitement for the coming academic year, and I look forward to welcoming our students back to MIS for this important academic journey.

Kind Regards
Dr Rania Sakr
Head of Primary & Lower Secondary Department