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Message from The Head Teacher


 Dear Parents,
As the Head of MIS High School, I would like first to welcome you all and our dearest students to MIS community.

In MIS we believe that everyone deserves a supportive, safe and orderly learning environment.

We encourage appropriate behaviours by teaching, guiding, directing, and providing opportunities for new learning to occur.

We create opportunities for students to practise and succeed in making responsible and effective choices in order to reach their academic potential and contribute to the school community.

In MIS we believe that our students have rights and privileges as well as responsibilities. While the school system has an obligation to provide an education for all students, we have set high standards for students to conduct themselves in a way that is respectful and helps to build a climate essential for learning.

Our priority in MIS is to provide our students with a high quality educational atmosphere by providing them with the first class educational environment and by teaching them responsibility, self-respect, trust, and high behaviour achievements through offering them religious, etiquette and supervision classes leading our sons and daughters to the right track aiming to the top faculties then forward to succeed in work and life of the 21st century.

I believe that our students should recognize that the learning process is a life long journey, learn to respond to social needs and encouraged to respect and deepen their love of their country.

I look forward to meeting you any time, formal and informal. Please feel free to come to my office hours to discuss any issues of inquiries concerning your child’s school life.

Dr: Hala Salama

 Head of KS3&IGCSE

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