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Key Stage 2 Curriculum


Stage 2 - Years 3 & 4 & 5 & 6

ENGLISH: As in Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 continues work in the integrated areas of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Stage 2 pupils learn the ability to change the way they speak and write to suit different situations, purposes and audiences. Exploration in literary/non-literary texts and their language use/meaning is covered in - depth.

MATHS: Teachers enable pupils to build on their skills of Numbers, Shapes, Space and Measurements, also extending knowledge of handling data. Children are also encouraged to tackle problems with Mental-Methods before using any other approaches. Counting fluently and confidently with all four above operations is established within the class. Additionally, students grasp greater knowledge of the use of diagrams, charts, measuring and the mathematical language that is associated with them.

SCIENCE: Stage 2, allows pupils to extend their learning cycle regarding; living things, materials and phenomena etc. establishing links between theories, ideas and using simple models to solve challenges, understanding positive and negative effects of scientific and technological developments and ability to work individually and in groups is furthered.

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