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Key Stage 3 Curriculum


Key Stage 3 Years 7,8 and 9

English Key Stage 3 poses many challenges for the student. Spoken language continues to be the foundation of pupils' development in reading and writing. Teachers must therefore ensure competence and confidence within the student, so as to allow them to grow and develop their English Skills. Reading at level 3 should be extensive, varied and stimulating. It is expected that the pupil is able to read whole books, in-depth and for information as well as pleasure. Refining draft skills, writing at length and using greater knowledge of vocabulary and grammar are points that are enhanced. Comprehension of relevant language, literary and linguistic terminology, and use of discussion are areas that will be explored, ultimately preparing the student for Key Stage 4. 

Maths Introducing Key Stage 3 Maths, builds on the foundations set during the past two stages. Topics that are covered include introductions to percentages, Algebra, shape and space (symmetry/constructions) and understanding probabilities and averages. Additionally, the subject of fractions is researched in a more thorough manner. Greater independence is placed on self-thinking/evaluation.

Science Touching upon the three main core elements- Biology/Chemistry/Physics knowledge is furthered in a more structured style. Comprehensively focusing the pupil on areas such as 'Matter', 'Materials', 'Chemical Reactions' and 'Atoms' in Chemistry, to topics ranging from 'Genetics and Evaluation', 'Structure and Function of Living Organisms'. Leading to physics, students’ attitudes are scientifically enhanced. Teachers place a more intense emphasis on experimental skills, analyses and evaluation. The Fields of Energy, Motion and Forces and Electro-Magnetism bring a broad spectrum of scientific learning to Physics. Overall, pupils will be able to think more critically, offer a wider range of deductions and creative responses.

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