School Bus Service


Bus regulations

The school has very efficient, safe and reliable bus service and is operated to international standards. MIS has highly trained professionals planning, organizing, monitoring and taking immediate action to safeguard the children from any problems and ensure they are comfortable and safe at all times. 


Pick up and Drop off 

Students are picked-up and dropped home directly at their residential address at the scheduled time as advised by the Bus Coordinator. Every care is given to ensure buses travel the best route between home and school.



On every bus there is a matron whose primary duty is to look after the children in the bus. The matron will meet children in front of the house, help store the school bags (for children in Year 3 and below) and ensure the child is properly seated with safety belts on. The matrons are trained in First Aid and Emergency Procedures. The matrons will stay with the children under any circumstances.


Discipline on the Bus

Matrons are also trained to maintain discipline and order on the bus. Issues which require further disciplinary action will be referred to the School Counsellor or Heads of the related Department.

Parents will be informed and may be asked to come to the school to discuss the matter. In an extreme case where the student fails to be cooperative, access to the bus service may be withdrawn for a specified period.


Communications with Bus Coordinator

Before the start of the new term, the Bus Coordinator will inform parents of the route and pick up times for the students. During the term, changes will be advised by phone. Where the bus is significantly delayed, the Bus Coordinator will inform the parent and update them of the expected arrival time.

Where there is any change in the child’s/children’s travelling arrangement, parents must inform the Bus Coordinator and Class Teacher in writing (e-mail or note) giving at least a day’s notice to avoid delays.

! Please, do not pass verbal messages through the matrons to avoid misunderstanding or breakdown in communication. Students are not allowed to contact the Bus Coordinator to change their schedule.


Change of Address

Any change of address must be given to the Bus Coordinator at least a week before the effective date in order to make adjustments to the schedule.


Bus Routes

Routes and pick up times are continually monitored to ensure the best available route. Feedback is welcomed. Bus routes are scheduled to ensure the most efficient service to and from school. The pickup and drop off arrangements must therefore comply with the schedule.



Bus fees are paid in advance. If student joins the bus service after the beginning of Term 1 or Term 2 a charge will be calculated. No refunds are made if the student withdraws from the service, other than in exceptional circumstances.


Bus Users

Bus users are expected to be on their best behaviour in the bus as they would be in School. Parents of users are required to sign an undertaking that their child will abide by these expectations:

  • to be courteous to the bus matron and driver and follow their instruction;
  • be always on time;
  • remain seated when the bus is moving;
  • do not eat or drink while the bus is moving;
  • be considerate towards other users;
  • respect the property of others;
  • do not vandalise the equipment or interior of the bus.

MP3 player, I-pod or Walkman are allowed on the bus but the music should not disturb other users.


How to apply

Bus Application Forms are obtainable from any of the following: Main Administration, Primary or Secondary Administration.

If you need any additional assistance, please contact us at

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Contact Us

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