Admissions Process


  1. An English speaking Parent/Guardian/Representative must come to complete the application form in the Admissions Office and pay the non-refundable assessment fee. Please note the candidate must be available for assessment within two weeks of application (where a Representative has been used, then a Parent/Legal guardian will be required at assessment to sign all documents). Applications will not be held for any longer than two weeks and will result in the cancellation of the application and loss of fees.

  2. Based upon the schedule of the teaching staff, Admissions will arrange for the assessment of the candidate and will communicate the date & time via telephone.

  3. All requested documents including academic reports, behaviour letters and birth certificates must be submitted before or on the date of assessment – any candidate having not provided these documents will not be assessed.

  4. Any lateness or non-attendance of arranged assessments/interviews will be logged.

  5. The candidate will be assessed under the supervision of professional teaching staff; parents are not allowed to be present during this time.

  6. The assessments must be marked by teaching staff and then reviewed by the Head of Department who will decide the assessment outcome and if any retakes are needed.

  7. If the candidate has passed their assessment successfully the Parents/Guardians will be invited for an arranged interview with a member of MIS Board of Directors.

  8. The Directors will then make their decision based upon not only assessment performance, but general behaviour, feedback and parental interview.

  9. The decision will be communicated at a later date as directed by the Directors, there will be no additional feedback or assessment results given. The outcome is final and without appeal.

  10. Preference will be given to candidates with exceptionally high marks, provided we have a placement available at the time. If not, the candidate will be placed on our waiting list and candidates who performed best overall during their assessments will receive the first available placement.

  11. Admissions will communicate outcome of accepted or declined when instructed to do so via telephone.

  12. Offer of acceptance is subject to payment of percentage of annual fees within 3 working days and may be subject to additional individual terms based upon application.

  13. Payment not made within this time will result in the offer being automatically cancelled.


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