Cambridge Lower Secondary

Cambridge Lower Secondary
develops skills and understanding in English, mathematics and science between Years 7 and 8. It combines a world-class curriculum and integrated assessment. At MIS we incorporate Cambridge Lower Secondary Curriculum for mathematics, science and English alongside the British Curriculum.

Cambridge Lower Secondary also provides excellent preparation for Cambridge Upper Secondary and we use Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint tests to assess our students’ readiness for the next stage of education.


The Cambridge Lower Secondary English curriculum framework explores the following five content areas:

  • Phonics, spelling and vocabulary
  • Grammar and punctuation
    • Reading
    • Writing
  • Reading
    • Fiction and poetry
    • Non-fiction
  • Writing
    • Fiction
    • Non-fiction
    • Presentation
  • Speaking and listening


The curriculum framework explores the following five content areas:

  • Number
    • Integers, powers and roots
    • Place value, ordering and rounding
    • Fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion
    • Calculation
  • Algebra
    • Expressions, equations and formulae
    • Sequences, functions and graphs
  • Geometry
    • Shapes and geometric reasoning
    • Position and movement
  • Measure
    • Length, mass and capacity
    • Times and rates of change
    • Area, perimeter and volume
  • Handling data
    • Planning and collecting data
    • Processing and presenting data
    • Interpreting and discussing results
    • Probability
  • Problem solving
    • Using techniques and skills in solving mathematical problems
    • Using understanding and strategies in solving problems.


The Cambridge Lower Secondary Science curriculum framework explores the following four content areas

  • Scientific Enquiry
    • Ideas and evidence
    • Plan investigative work
    • Obtain and present evidence
    • Consider evidence and approach
  • Biology
    • Plants
    • Humans as organisms
    • Cells and organisms
    • Living things in their environment
    • Variation and classification
  • Chemistry
    • States of matter
    • Material properties
    • Material changes
    • The Earth
  • Physics
    • Forces and motion
    • Energy
    • The Earth and beyond


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